About Jill Love Phoenix

Jill Phoenix is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, an RYT 500, an E-RYT 200, and a Level One Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

Jill standing on stairs

Hi, I’m Jill!

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and a Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher. I’m also a self-proclaimed nerd and LOVE to learn and study nutrition, restoring gut health, self-care and self-love, integrating healthy body appreciation techniques, and of course yoga. In fact, all of the above mentioned have been a major focal point for my life for over 24 years. Why? Well, have a cup of tea, and let me lay it out for you about who I am and why I am here to support you on your health journey.

I was born to a mother who suffers from extreme mental disorders. Unfortunately due to her mental illness, I was the product of abuse, neglect, abandonment, and eventually became emancipated as a legal adult at 15 years old.  Although I had four brothers, my mother’s illness made me the target of her uncontrollable abusive tendencies. A direct result of her emotional and verbal abuses stemmed at focusing on my bodies appearance and I was constantly made aware of my physical “faults”  as imperfect body “parts” were pointed out regularly. My mother has always been obese, as was her sister and their mother. My mother’s way of showing me “attention” was asking how much I had eaten that day; how many calories I ate; and then reminding me that I was going to inevitably end up looking just like her unless I “was very careful.” At the ripe age of 11-and already a string bean- I started the journey of restrictive eating, counting every calorie, and obsessive exercising. Anorexia Nervosa quickly developed and for the next four years I suffered until I was able to go into recovery at 16 years old.  I was able to receive therapy and guidance from many teachers, counselors, and adopted “mamas” who started to help me heal and reinvent myself. I am beyond grateful for the fact that my mother’s illnesses seemed to have bypassed me, but the lessons I have learned along the way of self-healing, I believe my time with her was for a reason.

This was my foundation, ladies. I wouldn’t even dream of lying to you or stretching the truth. This was my reality. And I am not telling you this for sympathy! (although, I always appreciate compassion and kindness when I share this super vulnerable part of me!)

Well, let me tell you that I was SO lucky to actually become a Ward of the State and I became a legal adult at the age of 15. I remember being so afraid, but yet so empowered!

It was around this time of my life when the mythological bird, the Phoenix, started to grab my attention and my curiosity. I remember hearing the awesome story of this bird that lives many lifetimes and many different transformations of itself. Each time at the end of a life cycle, the Phoenix builds up its nest, then it sits on it and sets it and itself on fire! And then out of the smoldering ashes, the Phoenix rises and emerges more magnificent, more beautiful, and more powerful than before. Ready for the next life cycle. Damn! Doesn’t that just grab you? I really started to relate to the Phoenix, as here at 15, I was forced to sit on the nest of my past, abuse, neglect, all my stories, and my “shit” and light it on fire. Well, that is just what I did!

I became fascinated with nutrition and started to research what I could. Which back in 1993 and before the internet, were from good old books. You know, from the library! I read a lot of books and eventually ended up with quite a collection. I have always been interested in different diet theories and have experimented with many in the hopes to find the perfect “one”.

Unfortunately, the lasting effects from my disordered eating habits wreaked havoc on my gut. I literally was restricting nutrition in my most formative years and my digestive organs didn’t function properly until about a couple of years ago now. Add in the fact that my mother gave my brothers and I amoxicillin antibiotics like it was bubble gum candy when I was a kid. For years. All of those antibiotics, followed by years on birth control, plus multiple more rounds of antibiotics in the years following, just deleted my microbiome. I have suffered from multiple GI issues including IBS, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, leaky gut, candida, parasites, and SIBO. I have researched, gone to doctors and had numerous tests done, had acupuncture and intense rounds of herbal treatments, cleanses, elimination diets, (more) antibiotics, colonics, massive amounts of supplements etc. You name it. BUT! I am mostly healed! I get closer each day. And along the way, I learned that I want to help others who are trying to do the same thing for their bodies.

I have been a full-time hairstylist since 1997 and continue to keep a few clients. I love the connections I have made over the years and still love to take care of a few of my favorites! I have found that I am naturally drawn to talk with my clients who become like family over the years about all aspects of life; jobs, families, transitions, food, etc and feel like I have been coaching all these years! It felt like a natural transition to go to school to become a coach.

I received my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach training through the Institute For Integrative Nutrition. I am so grateful to have found a program that looks at our entire life as part of our healing process. Gut issues, carrying extra weight, and feeling a lack of self-love usually go deeper than what we are choosing to put in our mouths. Looking at our relationships, our careers, our spirituality, and our physical exercise play key factors into lifestyle transformation and a healthier you.

I have been a yoga practitioner since first discovering yoga at 20 years old. I decided to not only continue as a student of yoga but felt called to share the teachings with others. I became an RYT 200 in 2016 and have been teaching classes, private lessons and groups since. I am an RYT 500, E-RYT 200, and a Level One Kundalini Instructor. I have also studied Yoga and Meditation in Nepal, India, and Bali.  I also offer private one on one live online classes for individuals and groups. Yoga can always be incorporated into your program.

I believe that yoga has played an integral role in my own healing journey. Just learning different breathing techniques helped my stress levels and tight stomach holding immensely, which played a huge role in my digestion learning to function properly. I believe most of us don’t have a clue how to breathe properly and it is so important. I also realize that yoga is not for everyone, and respect each person’s decision on whether to integrate yoga into their sessions or not.

As a health coach, my goal is not to diagnose you or prescribe you anything. My job is to walk with you and empower you to make attainable realistic goals and lifestyle changes that are sustainable.

I choose to share my true background with you because I am a believer in being authentic. I know I am not alone and that there is no reason to sugar coat my life. I decided to become a Health Coach because our health doesn’t just revolve around what we look like or what we eat. It has to do with all of the aspects of our lives; our past, present, and future. I realize I don’t have all the answers, and I am in no way a doctor or able to diagnose anyone else. But, I do sympathize and understand how it feels to suffer from these issues. I have experience with helping guide my own body’s healing process through nutrition, yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques as well as exercise to a much healthier and happier, and better functioning version of myself. I truly feel called to help guide others on their own healing journeys.

(and yes, Phoenix is my real last name! I legally changed it after my divorce and decided to transform once again and emerge into who I want to be!)

Ready for your own Transformation?